April 2018’s Backyard Garden Update

Welcome to April 2018’s Backyard Garden Update! April was a very pleasant month for weather. We finished planting everything this month for the spring season and harvested a lot. The garden was spruced up a bit.

Newly transplanted Peppers and eggplant were covered with a shade cloth to beat the summer heat. Here is the shade cloth I use: Shade Cloths. You can also check out my post to see why you might want to use one this summer: Beat the Heat: Using Shade Cloths in the Garden.

This month we harvested beets. This was the first year I had enough to really do something with, so 4 pints of pickled beets were made.

First Blueberry of the season was picked, and more soon followed.

The Brussels Sprouts were completely devoured. Unfortunately, not by me. They were soon pulled out of the garden, leaves remaining composted, and we’ll get ready again next season.

The remainder of the carrots were harvested. Some were shared with friends, others were eaten with some hummus.

I had one impulse buy this month while at Home Depot – I saw a triple crown thornless blackberry, the same variety I wanted to purchase earlier this year but were already sold out by the fruit tree company I usually purchase from. I’ve never purchased a dormant plant from a home improvement store, so I’m not sure of the success rate with these, but will say – I’m excited.

The remaining two cabbages were harvested. I saw some aphids started to flock, but luckily my Neem Oil kept them at bay. It’s really a fantastic organic insecticide and fungicide that you can purchase in a concentrated form or as a diluted spray.

The Flat Italian String Beans are doing well. They’re starting to get flowers and the first teeny tiny string beans of the season.

A couple of limequats were harvested and the plant has more blossoms. The Key Lime and Meyers Lemon I purchased last year still don’t have any blossoms.

One of my beloved green onions has started to seed. Seed packets usually have enough seeds to last me a couple years with my small scale backyard garden, and cost so little, so I haven’t done much seed harvesting in the past. It does seem fascinating to me though, so I may start looking into it.

The tomato plants have blossoms and the beginnings of tomatoes.

My mums started to blossom this month. They’re beautiful. I’m so happy they survived the abnormally cold weather we had last winter. My cosmos are also doing fantastic – this was my first year from them from seeds. I purchased a few last years to save costs when planting flowers around my raised garden beds, so far the cosmos are my favorite and will be planted again.

There’s also a new garden project going on that I’ll be happy to share with you all next month!

The apples are doing fantastic! Last year this tree didn’t have any apples and the other one had a few. This is just one branch of what we have going on!

While I’m very excited about the apples, my zucchini plants are what I’m most proud of this month. Those of you following along with these garden updates know I’ve struggled with squash and vine borers. This year a squash enclosure was designed to keep moths away. I used some pieces of wood and my favorite shade cloth that lets enough light in. The lid on top can be opened during the day for watering and brush pollinating when needed. I  planted three varieties of zucchini this year – Max’s Gold Zucchini, Baby Round Zucchini, and the classic Black Beauty Zucchini. And I’m proud to say this first Max’s Gold Zucchini was harvested, sliced, and sauteed.

And for those of you interested, I recorded a little video of my garden. Enjoy the stroll!

Until next time, Happy Gardening! 🙂

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  1. I enjoyed this video of your Little Green Garden and you have done it quite well. I hope you know about companion plantings and rotations with all that you try growing each year.

    I will be trying my luck later this Summer with gardening. I prefer fresh or frozen veggies and fresh fruit. Unable to plant permanently in ground where I live but can do other .

    Keep up the great work!

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