August 2018’s Garden Update

August was a hot and rainy month here in Florida. And while there was only minimal growing this month, it did make the downtime a perfect time to start getting ready for the fall season. Here’s August 2018’s Garden Update.

August 2018’s Garden UpdatePlants Growing and Harvested

This month I harvested my sweet potatoes. These were the only vegetables growing this month. The vines and flowers were very beautiful to see during a time when most vegetables don’t thrive.
While one bed remained fallow, the flowers in the garden brightened things up. Even though I didn’t want to be out in the heat, these 5 still did well – Mexican heather, pentas, crepe myrtle, roses, and mums.
The tropical plants did well this month, too. The banana trees are getting taller, the limequats are pretty big, and my pineapple plant needs a larger pot ASAP. It seems to have taken off over night after a month of looking pretty much the same.

Cleaning and Planning

This month when I actually dared to venture out into the heat, I worked on preparing my garden for the fall. I cleaned out my 2 4’x8′ raised garden beds.
I also laid down some string for rows. This helps me because I use the square foot gardening method, and I’ll admit I’m not the best at judging the size of spatial areas. I also think it looks pretty.
I replenished my soil with some homemade compost as well as Black Kow. You can get it at Lowe’s for around $5. I use two of these bags for each of my 4’x8′ raised garden beds.
My favorite part of this month was planning my garden bed layout for the fall season. I used my Garden Planner to sketch out where I want to plant everything.
I also started to harden off my plants. I’m getting my seedlings acclimated to the warmer weather outside right now. I started them indoors with a grow light while it was hot out. I have peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, cabbage, and broccoli that will be planted in September.

This Month’s Fellow Gardener Spotlight!

This month MLGG subscribers had the opportunity to be featured in the monthly garden update. This is such a fun way to see what other people are doing and MLGG plans to hold future contests like this. This month we had Scott from the Tampa Bay Area share his garden. His raised bed garden is very neat and tidy, and I’m so glad MLGG has been able to help provide some useful information. Thanks for sharing, Scott!
“This is my little organic backyard garden.  I let it get a bit wild over the summer so it took a lot of weeding to find it again!  I used your recommendations on prepping for fall planting (compost, pH, and amendments).  The 4 pepper plants were started indoors and recently transplanted outside…after hardening them off (thank you for that advice!!)  I will be planting bok choy, carnival carrots, watermelon radishes, swiss chard, and cabbage over the next month.  I am learning so much from MLGG.  Thank you for all the great information!”
     ~ Scott, Tampa Bay Area FL  
Until next time, happy gardening!
August 2018’s Garden Update


  1. You’re garden is so neat and beautiful –mine is a rambling mess at the moment! We’ve been harvesting and canning like mad the last few weeks and the garden upkeep has been neglected. We usually start cleaning up in October here in the northeast.

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