Cucumber Spotlight

Cucumber SpotlightWelcome to this week’s cucumber spotlight! Each week we have a new vegetable spotlight and associated recipe.

Cucumbers are believed to have originated in western Asia and parts of the Middle East. Cucumbers were mentioned in the Legend of Gilgamesh. This epic poem from 2100 BC is considered the earliest surviving great work of literature about the king of Uruk. 3,000 years later cucumbers started to be cultivated in Europe. They finally appeared in the US in the 1500’s when the colonists brought them over.

Florida and California are now the two primary states that provide cucumbers for the US. And China is the largest cucumber producer.

There are two primary types – slicing and pickling.

So why are cucumbers good for you?

  • One cucumber is about 15 calories and helps rehydrate your body as it is 95% water.
  • Contains an anti-inflammatory flavonol that plays an important role in brain health (primarily improving your memory)
  • Helps fight inflammation and contains antioxidants.
  • Contains 15% of your daily vitamin k requirements which helps keep your bones healthy
  • Pickles in particular help as a post-workout snack to rebuild electrolytes because of the sodium and vinegar.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this Cucumber Spotlight! Be sure to stop by Saturday for our cucumber recipe! 🙂

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