February 2018’s Backyard Garden Update

Welcome to February 2018’s Backyard Garden Update. February is typically the coldest month in Florida, however, this year was an exception. This year February was HOT. Like, going to the beach hot. And oh my goodness I need to fix my car’s a/c NOW hot. Luckily March has started to cool off a bit.

Despite the heat, we had a good month for growing, though the cool weather crops would have preferred some cooler weather.

We had two prolific crops this month. One was sugar snap peas..

And the other was broccoli. We also harvested another head of cauliflower.

Some more carrots were also harvested.

And one of the cabbages was ready, which was used for stew. Well, half of it was used for stew. The other half is to be determined.. 🙂

The beets are growing nicely, though they are getting a few bites out of their leaves, and I have high hopes for the Brussels Sprouts. 

Kale and mustard greens are also growing. The spinach and lettuce plants were mostly eaten. By creatures other than myself. But we did have some bibb lettuce.

As for the fruit in the garden…

The blueberries are doing well. I was concerned we didn’t have enough chill hours, but they look good at the moment. I was also concerned the raspberries had choked out the blueberries, but it seems like only 2 didn’t make it.

The raspberries are also starting to make a comeback, and the thorny boysenberry I have is getting new leaves as well. 

The strawberries should be arriving in March, as well as a thornless loganberry and thornless boysenberry.

My anna apple tree that I was concerned about ended up blossoming. In fact, both trees blossomed. I wasn’t expecting the golden dorsett to get a second set of blossoms, but it did. And both trees were covered in blossoms.

The apples that the golden dorsett previously had all started to get spots except one, which happened to be the largest one. I decided to pick it. It had a decent flavor, but the texture was mealy. I suspect I left the apple on the tree for too long. The color appeared ripe, but the apple was so small compared to the last anna apple I harvested that I didn’t think it was time to pick. Looks like I will get a second chance soon enough.

The Meyers lemon and key lime are getting a lot of new growth, but no flowers yet. I am impatiently waiting. The limequat has a few blossoms.

Until next time, happy gardening! 🙂

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