How Big is Your Garden?

How big is your garden?

My current garden is about 80 square feet. 80 square feet of fruits and vegetables. Of beds, of pots, of trees.

have a big gardenI say currently because those close to me know my plans to grow this garden. My garden is, by no means, big. But I am inspired by it. From what I’ve done, and what I can do. Both in my backyard, and anywhere else, with anything else.

And I’d like to encourage everyone to not put a limit on the size of their garden, or what their garden is.

Your world is your garden, your dreams are your seeds. And the size, the depth, the variety, the impact.. that’s all up to you.

What seeds are you holding onto now? I’m sure you have a few. Is it your own business? A cause? A sport? Maybe you have a self-improvement goal.

The biggest limitations we have in life are created within ourselves. We are our biggest obstacles, our biggest critics. Sometimes we’re the loudest voice saying it can’t be done.

And sometimes our own voice remains silent, while others say what can and cannot be done.


Pull those weeds when they start to root. Get rid of fear, worry, doubt, defeat..

And when there are too many weeds, find a friend to pull those weeds with you.  

You may be surprised by what you can actually do. Plant what you want. Grow what you want. Don’t let someone else’s garden define what yours becomes.

Create a garden that, after you’re gone, people still stroll through. Create a garden that generations to come get to enjoy.

Be great. Be you. Have a big garden.


  1. Thanks for sharing your food for thought, Candice. Wonderful advice!

  2. You know I wish I would have seen this post yesterday because my brother (Adam) was asking me how big your garden was when I was talking to him about your Garden. (I always brag about how amazing of a garden my friend has haha)

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