June 2019 Garden Update

Whatever I said about last month being hot, it doesn’t compare to the heat we’ve had lately in Central Florida (zone 9b). Just this week temps have reached 97°F with heat indices of 108°F to 110°F. Whew. It has gotten to the point where once 8 am rolls around I’d prefer to stay inside. But on the plus side, the rains finally started up this month after a very dry May, which essentially means less time outside watering. Check out our June 2019 Garden Update below!

June 2019 Garden Update

What’s Growing in June

The garden has been hanging on this month as we enter the summer season. The tomatoes and peppers have been doing great in the garden, though the extreme heat and humidity are going to be an issue for the tomatoes, even with the shade cloths. I’m already seeing the humidity affecting the tomato leaves, making them more susceptible to disease.

Banana Peppers

When night time temps are above 70°F it can cause blossom drop.. which quite literally means your blossoms dropping before they set fruit. And we have definitely reached that point, so the amount of tomatoes and peppers and eggplant will be reduced.


Summers here are the worst season for growing. If you don’t want to be outside for a few hours during the day, imagine how your tomatoes feel. Tehe tomato plants might last through mid-July before they’re pulled up and the raised beds are left fallow (idle – without plants growing) for the remainder of the summr months. It’s a good time to grow marigolds and til them into the soil to deter nematodes.

Tomatoes Harvested

Tomatoes, banana peppers, and green onions were harvested this month. We had a lot of tomatoes this month. Typically when the tomatoes start to change colors is when I pick them. I find leaving them on the vine to ripen gives other critters the chance to enjoy them first. But don’t worry – they still got to enjoy some. #sharingiscaring

The Meyers lemon started to blossom again this month which I was super excited about. I love the smell of them. Still waiting for my first lemon. (Come on life, give me some lemons!)

Here’s what was growing in June here in hardiness zone 9b:

Vegetables: Green onions, peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

Fruit: Limequats, Key limes, and Meyers lemon.

Flowers: Mums, Mexican heather, marigolds, snapdragons, zinnias, and roses.

Herbs: Feverfew, elderberry, ginger, lavender, parsley, and turmeric.

Meyers Lemon Blossoms

June Happenings and Shenanigans

Because June has been such a hot month there’s been some minimal maintenance in the garden. Just like last month, shade cloths and EZ Straw has helped to keep things cool, along with a focus on watering EARLY in the mornings to keep the raised garden beds happy. Minus the days where we have a good rain.

Banana Peppers Growing

Shade Cloths

If you live somewhere that gets warm like Florida I definitely recommend shade cloths. I’m a huge fan of shade cloths here in Florida, and I talk about using shade cloths in the garden in another post. Also called garden fabric and row covers, shade cloths are a great way to help your plants during extra warm seasons. I use these shade cloths from April through October when the days are longer and hotter. Once daylight starts to get shorter your plants can use all the sun they can get.

Tomatoes Growing

How’d your garden do this month? Comment below!

Happy Gardening!


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