May 2018’s Backyard Garden Update

May was good to My Little Green Garden this month. There was a lot to harvest, a new project completed, and even a new little friend to the garden (though I use the term loosely). Here’s May 2018’s Backyard Garden Update.

This month we harvest the pot of potatoes, but there weren’t too many.  They were planted late in the season.

The squash did fantastic this month. It went from being the hardest crop to grow in my garden to the easiest crop to grow. The squash enclosure and hand pollinating was the best change I’ve made. I almost had more squash than I could eat.

The Italian Flat String Beans also did fantastic this month, as always. There was enough to eat all month. There’s also another row of these that were planted a month after these, so we should have another batch of string beans to harvest next month. They’re already starting to blossom.

Then we had the cucumbers that just started to fruit this month. I had forgotten which variety I planted – but after harvesting some I don’t think I planted my standard marketmore. I also have another row of cucumbers that haven’t started to blossom yet. I plan to pickle these. I made some dill relish last season that was fantastic if I do say so myself. I love adding a little dill relish to my salads. I will also make some regular dill sliced pickles. Sill me for not planting any dill wit these.

The peppers have started to flower, and the jalapeños have started to fruit. I have a row of my beloved banana peppers growing. Some bell peppers, and two new varieties that were added this month – Anaheim Chile that I plan to make some dried pepper flakes out of, and sweet jimmy nardello – for sautéing.

Some of the onions were harvested this month – I’d say about a third of what we have growing. I harvest them when the stocks start to dry out. These are granex yellow.

Some tomatoes were harvested green this month because something started to attack them, and it wasn’t caterpillars.

The sweet potatoes planted started to vine. And the eggplant started to get some buds. The flowers continue to do well this month. Mums, cosmos, zinnias, pentas, bachelor buttons.. And my favorite this month was my first bluebonnet.

This month we also finished building a fruit tree enclosure.

This was created with a wood frame that comes apart to store during our hurricane season. Each side is connected to the ones next to it with pins that can be taken out. The frames were painted and the screen was created with plastic poultry fencing.

This is now housing my apple trees, banana trees, and citrus. I’m hoping to add some stone fruit next year.

The fruit tree enclosure took a few iterations because of a something that was later discovered in the garden. While the enclosure did great with squirrels, raccoons, armadillos, opossums, and birds – mice were not taken into consideration.

They have been taken into consideration now. While I personally think this little guy was kind of cute, he ended up eating a handful of apples. Which is wasn’t a fan of since I’m also in the process of figuring out how to prevent my apples from getting spots.

Still, despite the hardship, the apples have gone through (and me by extension lol) we ended up getting a decent amount of apples – about a dozen. And they’ve tasted great!

There was one more thing found in the fruit enclosure that, at first glance, I thought holy smokes I need to kick this out! And it was promptly removed and placed in a bag until I was able to research what poisonous species it was.

(Side note – just because I’ve been gardening a while does not mean I don’t overreact! You should see me when a blade of grass touches my ankle)

Upon further inspection, I discovered this is actually a giant swallowtail caterpillar. I promptly apologized to the kind sir, upgraded his room to the nicest citrus suite we had, and begged him to stay.

He complied. Whew.

This has been such a great month, and I’m so happy because we’re about to come up on our hot, humid, and stormy season. I hope everyone had a great month!

Until next time, Happy Gardening!


  1. what variety of apple did you grow? also, do you know of a cherry that can be grown around these parts?

    • Hi Debbie! I grow Anna and Golden Dorsett. Anna is from Israel and the Golden Dorsett is from the Bahamas. I ordered both from For cherries, I’ve heard of Minnie Royal and Royal Lee being able to handle warm weather, however, I’m not sure if they can handle our summer humidity. Barbados cherries grow here, but they’re not a true cherry and taste more tart and apple-like.

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