May 2022 Garden Update

Welcome to the May 2022 garden update! Temperatures continued to rise as we grew our warm-season plants.

May 2022 Gratitude

Every month during my garden updates a take a moment to think about what I’m grateful for. And I encourage you to take a moment and reflect on what you’re also thankful for. 🙏

This month I’m thankful for all the moms out there. As we celebrate Mother’s Day this month, I wanted to give a special shout-out to the two moms I know and love — my own mom, and my sister-in-law, who is celebrating her very first.

My mom has always been there for me and I appreciate her loyalty, her reliability, her sense of humor, her creativity, and her intelligence.

My sister-in-law is someone I find creative, intelligent, strong, and driven. She has always been a role model for me, and I have no doubt my niece is one lucky girl to have her as a mom.

And I’m thankful for all the other moms out there! Who are sometimes overlooked, but are truly the cornerstone for each of our lives. ❤️

May 2022 Garden Update

This month started to get really hot, so the remaining celery was harvested. We harvested 10lbs of celery!

After harvesting the celery, the remaining vegetables in the raised vegetable bed include collard greens, peppers, and eggplant.

The eggplant has started to blossom, as have the pepper plants.

And the herb and strawberry bed has been doing well, and everything has been thriving in it.

And, of course, I’ve also been growing sweet potato slips for the summer garden!

What’s Growing?

Here’s the breakdown of what was growing in May 2022 in hardiness zone 9b:

Vegetables: banana peppers, bell peppers, celery, collard greens, eggplant, and tomatoes.

Fruit: honey tangerines, Key Lime, limequat, Meyers lemon, Persian lime, pineapples, and strawberries.

Flowers: gardenias, marigolds, Mexican heather, plumerias, roses, and Shasta daisies.

Herbs & Spices: borage, chives, ginger, oregano, lavender, lemon thyme, parsley, and sage.

I’d love to hear what you grew in May! Comment below. 😊

Wherever you are in the world, I wish you health and happiness. ❤️

And if you’re located in Florida, check out the June Planting Guide.

Until next time, Happy Gardening!


  1. Hi, reading about lowering or raising your pH in soil, you recommend using blood meal.
    And down the page about lowering your pH in your soil you recommend blood meal. I don’t understand.

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