Planting Seeds

Have you ever planted a seed that you completely forgot about? I’m not sure how many people literally forget about planting a seed in their garden, but perhaps figuratively. Maybe you planted a seed in some area of your life, or even in someone else’s life, and time seems to keep passing by and all you see is a pile of dirt.

Six months ago I planted two seeds in my garden. They were tea seeds. I watched them for a month or two as nothing happened, and gradually forgot them completely. I doubted they’d ever germinated. Before planting those seeds there was a series of steps I had to take to prepare them. They had to be soaked in water and only if they sank after a period of time were they supposed to be planted. If they floated they were no good and might as well have been thrown away. Mine floated. I decided I’d plant them anyway. What did I have to lose?

This past weekend I noticed two strange little seedlings popping up in the corner of my bed next to my pepper plant. And while my first thought was “Weed. Must. Pull.” In a slightly more cavemanly tone then I’d care to admit, I stopped before I did as it dawned on me, “My tea plants!”

Blog Planting SeedsThis got me thinking. How often do we plant seeds, and then forget about them? How often do we plant seeds that we never even get to see germinate? And how often do we think the seed won’t ever grow, so we toss it before we even give it a chance?

I hope you’re encouraged to plant seeds whenever and wherever you get the chance in life. Don’t be discouraged by the time that passes. You may not see the seedling pop up, but that doesn’t mean something isn’t happening. Sometimes the only part we play is planting that first seed. And sometimes that makes all the difference.

“Let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.” ~ Galatians 6:9

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