October 2022 Garden Update

Welcome back to our monthly garden updates. I don’t always plan a summer garden here in Florida since it gets so hot. During those months I don’t typically have garden updates. This year August quickly turned into September. So without further ado, here is the October 2022 garden update!

October 2022 Garden Update

October 2022 Gratitude

Every month during my garden updates I take a moment to think about what I’m grateful for. And I encourage you to take a moment to reflect on what you’re thankful for as well. 🙏

During the month of October, I was thankful for the downtime I was blessed with. I went on little adventures and focused more on exercise.

Beach Gratitude

I got to spend time with my niece. I discovered a few new recipes. And I enjoyed the time I spent in my hammock and the unusually cool weather we had.

October 2022 Garden Update

Back in September, I started my fall garden. But when I was weeding my herb raised garden bed, I realized the wood was starting to rot. I use unpressure treated pine, so it only holds up for a few years at most. With some help, the old wood was pulled out and the new frame was built with the corner brackets that I already had. This was pretty easy to build with my cordless drill.

Raised Garden Bed Construction

After the frame was set up I got a couple of additional bags of soil and compost and planted my new herbs and tomatoes for the season. I also added some straw as a ground cover.

Herb Bed

I’m primarily using this bed to grow tomatoes, so everything else I planted among the tomatoes is either an herb or a flower that acts as a companion plant. Marigolds in particular help to deter pests, including tomato hornworms, and keep the soil healthy.

Companion Planting

The vegetable bed has been doing well, and everything is thriving in it.

Vegetable Garden Bed

I decided this year to focus more on Chinese cabbage. I’m growing bok choy, tatsoi, and mustard spinach.

Vegetable Garden Bed

What’s Growing?

Here’s the breakdown of what was growing in October 2022 in hardiness zone 9b:

October 2022 Harvest

Vegetables: bok choy, broccoli, cilantro, cucumbers, green beans, mustard greens, mustard spinach, tatsoi, and tomatoes.

Fruit: limequat, Meyers lemon, Persian lime, and pineapples.

Flowers: gardenias, marigolds, Mexican heather, mums, plumerias, and roses.

Herbs & Spices: basil, borage, chives, dill, green onions, parsley, and sage.

Pineapple Growing

I’d love to hear what you grew in October! Comment below. 😊

Wherever you are in the world, I wish you health and happiness. ❤️

And if you’re located in Florida, check out the December Planting Guide.

Until next time, Happy Gardening!

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